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New Uses For Astronaut Urine

Urophagia – the consumption of urine – was practiced long before it was ‘popularised’ by prime time survivalist Bear Grylls. We’ve consumed it for centuries for a range of health-related purposes. Now, thanks to research from Clemson University in South Carolina, it may well be a new part of an astronaut’s day to day life.

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Why Geese Are A Bigger Threat To Planes Than Drones

We are being made increasingly aware of the threats posed to passenger aircraft by drones; a week ago, the UK government announced plans to introduce drone registration and safety awareness courses for pilots. A month ago, a drone flying close to the runway caused a runway closure and diverted five flights at London Gatwick Airport.

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Why I Use: HiyaCar

This week, we’ve been kicking back with our pals at HiyaCar and finding out a little more about their car-sharing platform.  Where did the idea for HiyaCar come from? While Graeme, our founder and CEO was working as an analyst in the City, he dedicated his weekends to creating the foundations of a service that would let people make money from their cars. His wife Jodi had deep knowledge

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How to Become a Super Lender

We’re often asked here at Lama HQ about what lenders can do to increase their success on the platform. To become one of our top lenders and bag your place on the all-new lender leaderboard, you need to understand what’s going on behind the scenes with our item-search algorithm. In short, the algorithm is designed to

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