Media Kit


  • Fat Lama is the peer-to-peer rental platform for your stuff.

  • We’re a marketplace that lets you borrow things you need from others nearby and lend things you’re not using.
  • Based in London; operational throughout the UK.
  • In the process of launching into the US.
  • All items rentals are covered for 100% of their value. Click here to read more about it.




Roy Rogers

Chaz Englander

Co-founder & CEO | Finance, Partnerships & Talent

Chaz comes from a Finance background. His experience includes working with investment banks, hedge funds, fund managers and brokers, as well as helping European based start-ups fundraise through private and institutional investment in London.

Margaret Ojeda

Rosie Dallas

Co-founder & CMO | Marketing, Brand & Design

Since graduating from Newcastle University, Rosie has gained expertise in digital marketing and graphic design. She strategises online campaigns and consults on all aspects of businesses’ online presence from branding to marketing to converting.

Rose Long

Owen Turner-Major

Co-founder & CTO | Technology, Product & Dev Ops

Since graduating with a first from Oxford University, Owen has immersed himself in the world of technology and software. He has worked at a series of tech companies at various stages of growth, most recently as software engineer at fintech startup Funding Xchange.