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The 5 Best DSLR Cameras To Use In 2017

Whether you’re photographing a friend’s wedding, documenting Himalayan wildlife, or capturing someone hurtling down a ski slope, using quality equipment is important. Below, we’ve listed the cameras that are worth getting your hands on in 2017.

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Carli Davidson Captures Shaking Dogs

What is the internet for, if not looking at pictures of dogs doing funny stuff?  Many of us spend hours looking at pictures of animals. Last week we were treated to one photographer’s fresh new angle on wildlife photography. In fact, a plethora of photographers is innovating in order to capitalise on the internet’s insatiable

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Introducing: The Dashboard

You asked us for a central hub where you could view all – and we listened! Our Tech Lamas have collected and expanded your account information and put it all in one handy place – the Dashboard. What helpful Lamas!

Photographing Animals From Below

Andrius Burba woke up curious one day. He wanted to know what animals looked like from underneath. As you do. Thinking other people might also be interested, he started the Underlook series of photographs, capturing images of different animals from below. Andrius’ Underlook series comes in the form of “Under-Cats”, “Under-Horse”, and “Under-Dog”. He found

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How To Optimise Your Listings

How do I get the most out of Fat Lama? As a lender, it all starts with your listing. We’ve come up with our 6 top tips for making your listing stand out from the crowd. #1 Pricing Is Key  Put simply, lower prices generate more rentals and more money in the long run. Be reasonable when

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Photographing Middle Earth

There’s absolutely no doubt about it. New Zealand has stunning scenery. Sparkling lakes, snow-capped mountains, volcanic rocks, luscious grass plains, towering forest – New Zealand has it all. Those of you who have visited New Zealand know exactly what I’m talking about and probably have memory cards full to bursting with photos from your trip.

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