We Need More Tents

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Good Morning, Campers!

Our users are often asking us which items are most worth listing on Fat Lama. Many want to invest in equipment predominantly for rental purposes. So, we do our best to keep you informed with trending demands in order to inform your listings. Hot off the press from the Demand Insight team is this: list your tent now.

As the school holidays approach and mother nature ceases to batter the UK with bitter wind and rain, Brits are heading off in droves to fields afar for sun, relaxation and an uncomfortable night’s sleep under canvas. However, given that camping is often a budget option for holiday makers, few are keen to spend over the odds on a tent which may well sit moulding in the shed for the next few years.

Tents Are Trending

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Our Demand Insight Task Force have been analysing the weekly search volumes for tent rentals in the past five years, and the results are clear. Can you really blame the British for only camping for two months a year? Whether it’s a one-man or an eight-berth, now’s the time to earn your summer spending money through tent rentals. List your tent now!

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