This Gadget Lets You Breathe Underwater For 10 Minutes

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Have you ever been snorkelling and wanted to get just that little bit closer to the action? Perhaps you’re thinking of trying it out this summer? Until we evolve gills, we humans are stuck dipping our heads just below the water’s surface to get what is sometimes quite a long distance view of some of the most beautiful creatures and wildlife on Earth. Clearly, the team behind the Scorkl had gotten bored of this. The Melbourne-based Scorkl team have brought us a miniature scuba cylinder which gives up to 10 minutes of air for underwater fun.


The Snorkel 2.0

You’ll recognise the mouthpiece from normal snorkels but in fact, the Scorkl works like a diving cylinder. This allows you to explore deeper than the water’s surface, without fear of swallowing half of the English Channel in the process.


The Scorkl can be filled with air using a simple hand pump or even a larger scuba tank. It’s also equipped with a pressure gauge to let you know how much air is left in the canister so you can time your dive to perfection.

Go Underwater This Summer

You’ll need a little bit of training on how to use the Scorkl but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a go on your holiday this summer. Not only that, but inventor David Hallamore designed the Scorkl to be cheaper than full blown scuba diving equipment hire too: ‘Scorkl opens up a whole new world of underwater adventures at a fraction of the cost and hassle of traditional diving equipment.’


So if you’re the adventurous sort then leave that snorkel at home this summer and grab a Scorkl today.

Source: designboom/Scorkl

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