Carli Davidson Captures Shaking Dogs

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What is the internet for, if not looking at pictures of dogs doing funny stuff? 

Many of us spend hours looking at pictures of animals. Last week we were treated to one photographer’s fresh new angle on wildlife photography. In fact, a plethora of photographers is innovating in order to capitalise on the internet’s insatiable appetite for alternative animal shots.

Carli Davidson continues the trend of intriguing animal photography with her new series “Shake”. She captured individual portraits of a number of different breeds of dogs as they shook off water. Her use of a fast shutter speed for the shots shows off a massive range of facial expressions by the dogs.

Having worked for seven years in animal care and zoos, Carli is adept at communicating with wildlife. She’s also been accustomed to the darkroom since she began experimenting in a closet in her high school.

These days, she lives in Portland OR with her husband Tim and her pets Norbert and Yushi as well as an ever-rotating cast of foster dogs, who are no doubt subject to a great deal of loving photographic experimentation!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.14.13.png

If SHAKE Dogs aren’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know that Carli’s SHAKE Series also consists of puppies and cats. Check out her full repertoire here

Carli, if you’re reading this, fancy having a go with llamas?

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