Tell Your Fat Lama Story And Win A Free Rental

Whether you’re a parent organising a birthday, a photographer looking for a different angle, a teacher hiring school play props, a DJ on the London scene or a cyclist taking on a new challenge, we want to hear your Fat Lama experience!

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Every day, Fat Lama users are sharing items and creating new experiences. Whether you’re a parent organising a birthday, a photographer enhancing your shoot, a teacher hiring school play props or a festival touring musician, we want to hear from you. After all, nothing gets us Lamas out of bed quicker than hearing your sharing stories.

How To Share Your Story For Credit.

1. Share Photos.

Camera phone or studio shoot, we want it all! Send pictures of your rental with a short explanation to


2. Record a Video.

You needn’t be a professional film director to film your Fat Lama experience. Send footage of what you’re up to along to

3. Write It Down.

Fancy waxing lyrical about your rental experience? We’d love to read about what you rented and why, your experience as a borrower, and what you think the future of ownership could look like. Send a short piece of writing about your Fat Lama experience to 

Email contributions should be titled ‘Fat Lama Story’ and sent to If we share your experience on our blog or social media, you’ll win £50 credit to spend on your next rental. Just like that.

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