Photographing Animals From Below

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Andrius Burba woke up curious one day. He wanted to know what animals looked like from underneath. As you do. Thinking other people might also be interested, he started the Underlook series of photographs, capturing images of different animals from below.

Andrius’ Underlook series comes in the form of “Under-Cats”, “Under-Horse”, and “Under-Dog”. He found it easiest taking pictures of the dogs from below as he found that “dogs are more obedient which helps us to create more interesting shots.”

With both the cats and dogs, he was able to capture these photos by having them pose on top of a large sheet of glass in his studio, while he pointed his camera up from below.

Logistically, photographing horses posed more of a challenge. The shoot required two months of planning and involved over 40 people. It was going to be near impossible to get the horses to pose on the sheet of glass in the same way as the cats and dogs, so he had to come up an alternative.


He decided to create a makeshift studio outside by digging nearly 10 feet into the ground. He put a camera in the hole and covered it with a much heavier, 400kg, ultra-strong glass. The horses weighed approximately 600kg and wore custom-made rubber horseshoes to prevent the glass from being scratched.



To get these stunning images, Andrius used a Nikon D810, a Nikon 35mm f/1.4 and 4 Profoto Prohead Plus Flashes. You can hire a whole range of camera equipment on Fat Lama and perhaps even try your hand at some “Under-Photography” of your own!


Andrius hopes to branch out into photographing more exotic and probably much less obedient animals, including tigers. We’re still hoping Andrius’ next series will be Under-Lama!

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