Meet The ‘Model’ Photographer

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If I ask you to picture a car advert, the likelihood is that you’ll be picturing a sleek, shiny car winding through beautiful countryside or coastal scenery. In reality, as anyone who has ever tried to photograph on location will know, it’s tricky, often expensive, and subject to interruptions from all angles: weather, passersby, animals – you name it, it will likely obstruct your shoot.

Vatsal Kataria from New Delhi, India, has devised an ingenious solution to the problem. Instead of trekking to far corners of the planet to spend days trying to get the perfect shots for his customers, he decided to build models of the location instead and uses model cars instead of real ones. He started model-making casually to see if it could work for his photography business and is now doing it full-time. It takes his anything from a day to a week to build and get the shot that he needs. Once he’s managed to get the shot, it’s into Photoshop.

Once he’s finished the pictures have a remarkably life-like aesthetic:

If you’ve been inspired by Vatsal’s model masterpieces and want to give it a go yourself, why not hire a camera from someone local to you on Fat Lama. Who knows where your own model making journey will take you?

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