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  • Do you want a flexible and varied job?
  • Do you want something on your CV which really gets employers talking?
  • Are you friendly and approachable?
  • Do you want to work with a fast-growing tech startup?
  • Do you want to earn up to £600/month for less than 5 hours/week?
  • Do you want to learn what marketing’s really about?

Yes? Good. We’re looking for people like you to spread the name of Fat Lama on your campus.

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*Applications close on Thursday 20th April at 14:00. Further details can be found below.

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What’s Fat Lama?

Fat Lama is the fully-insured peer-to-peer rental site for stuff. Read what UNiDAYS had to say about how we’re changing student life.

What’s a Fat Lama Ambassador?

  • B.L.O.C. (Big Lama On Campus): You’re well-connected and fully engaged in student life. You’re a born networker and know how to use your contacts.
  • Headline Grabber: You’ve got journalistic instincts and you want to collaborate with our PR team to secure press coverage for Fat Lama in local student press – from print to radio.
  • Entrepreneur: You’re always seeing new opportunities for stuff-sharing at your uni. You can identify the individuals and societies that would benefit most from Fat Lama (from sports teams to photography and drama societies) and use your initiative to make it happen.
  • Love Spreader: Whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook or on campus itself, your mission is simple: get people to love Fat Lama as much as you do. We’re looking for risk-takers and outside-the-box thinkers. Whether it’s ‘lama selfie competitions’ or society partnerships, your creativity will be rewarded.

What’s In It For Me?

  • You’ll be paid on commission.
  • You’ll gain experience by working directly with one of London’s fastest growing startups.
  • You’ll manage your own budget and learn about digital marketing from the front line.
  • You’ll have fun. Promise…

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