Airbus’ Drone-Car Is The Ultimate Traffic-Beater

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Commuters, rejoice. Those flying-car dreams – which you’ve harboured ever since you watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as a child – have just got real…

More specifically, Airbus have created a capsule-based vehicle which, thanks to a choice of both air and road module, promises to be equally at home on the road and in the sky. As reported by designboom, the vehicle is created to be ‘driven’ in conjunction with (you guessed it) an easy-to-use app. Whilst the capsule is self-piloted, both the air and ground module have the ability to autonomously return to designated recharge stations once you’ve arrived safely at your destination.

Airbus and Italdesign’s design is comprised of a passenger capsule and two distinct electric propelled modules: a 5 x 4.4m air module for sky-travel (which packs eight rotors to get you airborne) and good old-fashioned four-wheeled road module.

And that’s not all. The capsule is able to judge the traffic times, costs and ridesharing demands, in order to suggest the most time-efficient and economical route; be that via road, sky or a combination of the two – a bit like a 3D Citymapper. Sensationalism aside, this concept could truly revolutionise the way we travel as our megacities strain under the pressure of overpopulation. Just don’t hold your breath. Given the legal issues around safe drone flight, there’s a long way to go before aerial commutes become common practice.

Attendees of this year’s Geneva Motor Show were lucky enough to get up close and personal with a prototype of the drone car…

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