Nikon Vs. Canon: Which Is Better?

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fThe ‘Nikon or Canon’ debate has been raging amongst photographers since the 1940s. This battle of giants is truly remarkable. Both brands have remained at the top of the game for decades with very little separating them, and this makes it almost impossible for would-be photographers to decide which brand they should invest in. Which is better? Which suits their needs?

Entry Level

Recommended Canon (entry level): T6

Recommended Nikon (entry level): D3400

If you’re a first-time buyer of a DSLR camera then the chances are, you’re going to begin your photography journey with an entry-level camera. So which is best? The top entry-level camera for Canon is probably the T6 and for Nikon it’s the D3400. If you’re looking to shoot fast-paced sports or wildlife, the D3400 is probably better for you as it has a burst rate of 5 frames per second (as opposed to 3 for the Canon T6) which isn’t a huge difference and 3 FPS is probably more than enough but you might appreciate the difference. Another plus for the D3400 is its battery life is substantially better, it should last up to 1200 shots on one charge, compared with Canon’s T6 which only lasts for 500. Both cameras can record video in 1080p.

Both cameras are great entry level DSLRs, but the few extra details on the Nikon D3400 nudge it ahead of the Canon T6.

Lens Lens Lens

What we’ve seen comparing the entry level cameras is found in almost every comparison between a Nikon and Canon. Both cameras are fantastic and one might have a minute difference that will depend on circumstance, make it a more suitable camera for you.

However, the best bit of advice that any professional will give you is to worry less about the camera body and focus more on the lenses. Having a great range of high-quality lenses is what’s really going to help you make the most of your camera. Better lenses or better ‘glass’ will result in higher quality images and will enable you to take all those impressive artsy shots you want to.

What About The Rest?

Strengths (By Brand):

  • Sony: Great video and audio
  • Pentax: Ideal for travel and adventuring
  • Fujifilm: Fantastic mirrorless cameras

Some of the other brands like Fujifilm, Sony and Pentax, produce fantastic cameras too, and a lot of the time they’ll fit a niche that isn’t accounted for by the big two. Sony is great for video and audio, Pentax has but a lot of focus on weatherproofing and lightweight cameras making it great for adventures. The biggest downside to any of these brands though is they just have a much more limited range of lenses available and as we should know now, the lens is key!

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