Why I Use: UNiDAYS

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Student life can be really tough. Late nights, early starts, countless deadlines and missing home: there’s no shortage of reasons why students might be feeling stressed out. Money is a whole different kettle of fish. There’s no feeling quite like waking up after a blow-out night and realising you’ve just wasted half of your latest student loan instalment.

That’s where UNiDAYS comes in. From your favourite takeaway to a new pair of shoes or the latest must-have tech, UNiDAYS brings you huge savings on student essentials from your favourite brands.

How It Works

UNiDAYS is free and really simple to use. Create your account and start browsing some serious deals from brands you love. Once you’ve found something you like the look of, click to claim your discount code to redeem online or head into the store and show off your UNiDAYS app for your discount!

Earning with UNiDAYS

On top of all the great deals and discounts, you can actually start earning money to spend on your favourite brands! This is really easy to do, too. Start by sharing your unique rewards link, get your friends to sign up and once they have you’ll receive £5 credit in your rewards balance. Once you reach £25, you can claim it and receive a gift card from one of their top brands. No brainer.

The Best Student Hacks

Once you’re hooked on UNiDAYS, it’s worth heading over to their blog: ‘The Edit’. It’s a reliable source of inspiring recipes, revision tips and music playlists to get you through even the most deadline-heavy weeks. If you need something to distract you from your dissertation, head on over for some extra-curricular exploration.

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