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We had a chat with Parcelly about how their logistics solution favours efficiency and the environment.

#1    Tell us, who are Parcelly and how does your service work?

Parcelly runs a mobile app based click&collect service which provides online shoppers with a nationwide network of now over 900+ parcel collection points. Launched back in 2014, we are one of the fastest growing click&collect provider in the UK, adding new on-demand locations every day. Within London Zones 1 and 2 we are actually only a short 5-10 minute walk away from any Tube station.

Parcelly is all about customer control and convenience – having been called the ‘UBER for click&collect’ – as our service allows customers to shop with any Online retailer worldwide and collect all their shopping from ONE handy Parcelly location of their choice.  This means full control of the ‘last mile’ and no more missed parcel deliveries or going to a faraway parcel depot after missing the postman.

Designed for busy lifestyles; all the customer has to do is download our app for free, set up a profile and complete the booking process (either per parcel or monthly subscription). The app automatically generates a dedicated address of the chosen Parcelly location including secure six-digit Parcelly ID which is to be used at the Online retail checkout. Customers get notified via email and push notification as soon as a parcel has arrived and we provide a secure PIN code to collect the parcel at the chosen location.

We also empower customers to suggest new Parcelly locations in-app, as we want to be exactly where our customers want us to be!

#2    Who can use Parcelly?

Anyone with a smartphone or access to the Internet. Our click&collect service can be accessed via mobile app (available on IOS and Android), but also via Web app for customers without a smartphone.

In a nutshell, Parcelly is designed for busy people on the go who shop online, don’t have the time or patience to be waiting in for a parcel delivery and also don’t want to be faced with changing parcel collection points depending on the online retailer they shop with and delivery company that is used.

#3    How do you differ from other click and collect service providers?

Traditional click&collect provider run their own network of parcel collection points, but these are usually ‘closed loops’ and either linked to specific retail stores or parcel delivery companies.

The beauty of Parcelly’s click&collect service is that we are fully ‘carrier and online retailer agnostic’ and work with any online shopping site or international parcel delivery company worldwide. Our customers do not have to adapt to changing parcel collection locations depending on where they shop, but have full control over where and when to collect their parcels from a Parcelly location of their choice.

The Parcelly team celebrate at the recent West London Business Awards. The Parcelly team celebrate at the recent West London Business Awards.

#4    You provide a key exchange service now too for Airbnb users. Are you linking up with any other interesting sharing economy platforms?

Yes, our new Key Exchange Service is an extension to our standard click&collect service. It is a true industry first in the traditional logistics market, as it allows property owners to use Parcelly locations for more than just parcels and exchange keys with third parties, (i.e. tenants, guests, property maintenance companies etc) as and when required.

In line with our parcel collection process, the Key Exchange service is fully smartphone based and designed with customer convenience at its core with a simple and straightforward booking process:

Parcelly’s ultimate goal is to turn redundant storage capacity in small shops and businesses into revenue generating customer services, so parcel collection and key exchange services are just the beginning. Our technology platform is highly scalable and can easily be used for alternative optimisation or sharing economy solutions.

#5    You’ve recently partnered with London Brixton BID. How can Parcelly help tackle environmental issues?

We are actually working with multiple London Councils, BIDs and local authorities like TFL across the capital, and Brixton is our latest collaboration partner. Traffic congestion in London remains a huge problem and highly contributes to London’s air pollution problem, which is why London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, Clean Air London, TFL as well as many local authorities are actively campaigning to achieve urgent and sustainable compliance with World Health Organisation guidelines for air quality.

The key advantage for London organisations partnering with Parcelly is twofold:

  1. The number of personal parcel deliveries sent to local offices will be decreased: all employees will have the opportunity to choose Parcelly’s click&collect solution at a discounted price as part of their employer benefits.
  2. The number of delivery vans on London’s roads will be reduced: by using Parcelly employees can send their parcels to a convenient Parcelly location close to home. This is a brilliant way to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and most importantly avoid judgmental looks from fellow commuters for taking up space with parcels.

At Parcelly, we are very proud of our green credentials, for which we have been recognized and awarded multiple times. Our business model not only helps to reduce the number of driver destinations as well as parcels that require multiple delivery attempts, but we also donate up to 5% of the price of each Parcelly Booking to our long-term partner Atmosfair to offset carbon emissions.

#6    What makes you happy at Parcelly?

We love what we do and want to ensure our customers and location partners have the best possible experience when using Parcelly. Each time one of our Parcelly locations calls up and says how much they love the service and when checking our latest customer approval ratings (currently at 4.8 out of 5) – we are happy…  It’s that simple!

But in a nutshell we would say: #parcellove, ping pong and cake!

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