7 Toolbox Essentials

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Spring beckons, and with it comes the promise of slightly warmer weather, hot cross buns and chocolate. So too, the chance for a good spring clean and time to see to a few of the DIY tasks you’ve been neglecting for the past few months.

Most millennials (myself included) have little experience, besides perhaps holding something in place while your parents do the work. And you’re probably always relying on somebody else’s toolbox when you do feel brave enough to get your hands dirty. So we thought we’d put a nice little list together for you to give you an idea of what you need to get your little essential toolkit together and do some DIY-ing.

1. Allen Key Set

Also known as hex keys, these are the smallest, simplest nominee for the most important tool you could own. Why is it so important? Ikea furniture. If you’ve ever bought flat-pack furniture, you’ll know that it’s incredibly satisfying to build but incredibly frustrating when you’re lacking the right size of Allen key. Just own more than one – okay?

2. Screwdriver

Get yourself a few of these:

  1. A standard Phillips screwdriver
  2. A flat-head screwdriver
  3. It’s also worth getting a tiny one (the kind you get out of a Christmas cracker).
  4. Another extremely long one, for those places you can’t quite reach,
  5. A short handled one, for those awkward angles.
  6. Try and get hold of one with a magnetic end so you don’t lose screws!

Bonus tip: if you can’t find a hammer… flip the screwdriver around and whack away with the plastic end!

3. Stanley Knife

I don’t actually think I’ve ever used one of these for DIY purposes but they’re perfect for opening up Amazon parcels and sharpening pencils (please be careful) which leads us nicely to the next point…

4. Measuring Tape And Pencil

Crucial stuff here. If you’re going to rent a drill, make sure you measure and mark before you begin: invaluable prep before you begin any masterpiece.

5. Hammer And Nails

Now that your student days are past you, it’s time you upgrade from posters to framed prints. Actually hanging the things on your walls will be the final frontier – you’ll need a decent hammer and the right size nail. No pictures to hang? Sometimes you just need to give something a bash.

6. Polyfiller

You’re going to screw up (pun intended) and leave holes in walls whether it be removing picture hooks or refixing the shelf to somewhere that’s not going to stop the door opening (been there).

“You’re going to screw up (pun intended).”

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7. Your Neighbour’s Power Drill

The above 6 items should cover most small tasks around the house. For bigger jobs – if, for example, you’ve got an itch to drill a hole – be sure to check out our online tool hire options. Whether you’re looking for a cordless hammer drill or you’re interested in garden tool hire, avoid the premiums of tool hire shops with Fat Lama. Going peer-to-peer means you can rent a drill from real people near you for less.

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