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Picture The Scene

Unless your house packs a full-blown utility suite, your laundry days probably leave your living spaces draped wall-to-wall in sheets, towels and delicates; your radiators lined with an array of socks and tea towels. Your attempts to host anything remotely sophisticated like a dinner party on these days are undermined by the proximity of your drying underwear to the dining area… The damp doesn’t help either. Try drying two consecutive wash-loads in my small South London flat, and the humidity levels will be genuinely tropical. And that’s not to mention the social cost: ‘Well, I’d love to go for a drink, but I put a wash in this morning and…’ Life’s too short to spend your evenings inside watching pants dry.

As you may have intuited, I don’t much like doing the laundry. Fortunately for me, I don’t actually have to. And that’s all thanks to Laundrapp, the on-demand dry-cleaning app dubbed the ‘Uber for laundry’.

How It Works

The last time I tried to locate a dry cleaner near me I spent hours phoning around local laundromats, none of whom were within reasonable walking distance. But when you arrange for Laundrapp to collect your laundry, an agent will come to your given address armed with a Laundrapp bag to collect your delicates. They’ll take them discreetly away to one of their ‘top-notch’ facilities for cleaning and have them returned (folded, of course) within just 48 hours. Collection and delivery are absolutely free and Laundrapp also put a quality guarantee on every item: satisfaction guaranteed. One of my favourite features is Laundrapp’s live collection and delivery tracking, which allows me to pinpoint the moment at which I’ll be reunited with my clean socks – no more fruitless searching for a place to take my laundry near me. Laundrapp is now live in over 100 cities, from London to Glasgow via Dudley and Harrogate…

Why Laundrapp?

Laundrapp has our vote not least because time is money. Excuse the cliche, but it’s well worth doing the maths if you’re considering assistance in the linen department… Laundrapp charge as little as £2.50 per kg of laundry, or for dry cleaning and ironing, just £2 per item – and that includes cleaning, collection and delivery. Now, for all you Londoners whose jobs keep you out of the house from dawn til dusk, the idea of coming home to tackle a pile of not-so-whites is probably far from appealing. Nor is it the most effective use of your precious downtime. Sorting your dry cleaning online frees up precious time to spend on what really matters – for me, that’s sleep!

“As you may have intuited, I don’t much like doing the laundry. Fortunately for me, I don’t actually have to…”

Tweet This

As Laundrapp have said, they are waging war on the washing machine and transforming your mobile phone into a remote control for your laundry needs. To start sorting your laundry online and give yourself some time off, head to their website, download the app and arrange your first collection. Better still, Laundrapp are offering Fat Lama users a special introductory code (FATLAMA) which will give you £15 off your first wash!

Fat Lama users get £15 off their Laundrapp checkout with the code FATLAMA. 

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