7 Things You Should Probably Rent For Your Next Party

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1. Lighting Rigs

Recreate the Ibiza experience in your own home. There are tonnes of lighting systems you can hire out for your weekend – whether it be a multi-coloured disco ball for your 70’s disco night or laser lights. Pair that with a smoke machine and you’ve got yourself a festival. Bring it on.

2. Furniture

‘If three people fit on the sofa and everyone else then stands or sits on the floor sure we can make this work…’ If you’re familiar with last minute scrambles for furniture, you’d be wise to see what tables and chairs others nearby have listed to rent.

3. Music systems/speakers

Any party worth its salt needs to give the dancers something to work with, and I’m sorry to say that your tiny USB speaker isn’t going to cut it. The good news, however, is that you can hire speakers which don’t leave your guests feeling deflated. Speaker hire on Fat Lama allows you to notch the party up a few decibels without investing thousands of pounds on a PA system. Those feeling particularly brave may consider renting DJ equipment too… Speaker rental is covered by the Fat Lama Guarantee too – which leaves the lender with peace of mind that their speakers are covered for all dancefloor mishaps.

4. Projector Hire

So it’s the morning after. No one wants to move an inch. A hero stands up, the lights go off, and on the wall appears the intro to The Lord of the Rings. That’s nine hours of recovery sorted – assuming you like TLOTR that is… Whether you’re a sci-fi marathon or a Netflix detox kind of person, projector rental is up there with a Berocca and a fry-up amongst our most recommended hangover cures. Sorting out your home cinema is pretty simple: hire a projector, get some snacks and try your best not to quote every other line of the film.

5. Games Consoles

I don’t think I need to justify this pick. For those wondering whether gaming is a sufficiently sociable party activity, let me clarify that the more people you play with the better. Whether you want to rent some old school games consoles and revel in nostalgia or hire a few extra controllers for the night so no one’s left out, we’ve got you.

6. Arcade Machines

Didn’t we just cover games? Yes, but these retro arcade machines definitely get an honourable mention as the real showpieces of event equipment hire. These machines are a surefire bet to improve nearly any event you can think of – providing you don’t invite a Street Fighter pro who’s going to make everyone weep…

7. Fancy Dress + Photobooth

When it comes to fancy dress you’ve probably fallen into the same trap as me: investing in one fancy dress costume which then becomes your Birthday, Halloween and New Years costume for years on end. You’ll be relieved to know that Fat Lama’s party hire options allow you to do more than just hire equipment. Indeed, it allows you to wow everyone with an impressive array of outfits borrowed from nearby users.

When it comes to party equipment hire for your event, Fat Lama has you covered. Whether you’re looking to rent speakers, rent a projector or get your hands on something a little more special, there’s a huge variety of ‘stuff’ available from others in your area!

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