5 DIY Hacks To Make Your Apartment More Spacious In 2017

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If you live in London and aren’t yet a millionaire, you likely aren’t blessed with too many spare rooms – in fact, you’re lucky if you’re not eating in the same room you shower in. There are, however, a few little tricks of the trade which might ease your claustrophobia. Read on to find out how to make more from your space!

1. Painted Pegboard

Pegboards are a versatile design piece which can free up a surprising amount of wardrobe and floor space and add a bit of flare to your bedroom. Once you’ve painted or varnished it to your liking, lean it or secure it to a wall (heck – why not rent a drill from your neighbour?) Next, using standard hardware hooks, display anything from family snaps, to scarves – why not even display your entire outfit for the day?

Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

2. Hang Your Bike Up To Dry

You needn’t be a touring cyclist – or even a hipster – to acknowledge that this looks pretty great. And it’s surprisingly easy too. Instead of having to squeeze past stacks of bicycles every time you need to get in and out of your flat, hoist them up to the rafters with a simple pulley system from your local Halfords. It’s characterful, practical and

Photo: Languid Lovely

3. DIY Bathroom Storage

Creating shelf storage needn’t be as taxing as those 40-page IKEA construction manuals would have you believe. In fact, for a quick win which packs a bit of personality, simply nail a couple of sturdy wicker baskets flush against your bathroom wall. You can pack anything from towels, cosmetics, toilet rolls and toothbrushes in here.

Credit: Ideastand

4. Never Enough Mirrors…

Mirrors can multiply the sense of space in a room infinitely, so if you’re living in the kind of boxy studio flat that even the most respectable salary will get you in London, consider cladding entire walls in mirrors.

Photo: The Art Of Bespoke

5. Foldaway Tables

Need a work desk or dining table but don’t want it to take up the entire room? Consider fixing one of these fold out tables to a wall. Most of the time it acts as a shallow shelf and keeps well out of the way. Then, as soon as you need a surface to eat or study on, just prop it up into action and you’re golden.

Credit: Ideastand

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