Quit Wine-ing. This Gadget Will Keep Your Merlot Fresh.

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Neglect an opened Grenache for just 48 hours and your next sip will likely be a sharp hit of vinegar and acid. Such are the pitfalls of the moderate wine-drinker. Spurred on by taste memories of a plethora of abandoned wines, David Koretz has just designed the world’s first super-automatic dispenser, which preserves bottles of wine for up to 90 days.

“Too often I found myself not finishing a bottle and pouring oxidized wine down the drain” says Koretz, Founder and CEO of Plum, “or not opening the bottle at all because I didn’t want to waste it.” Koretz seems to have missed out an obvious third response: finishing the bottle in one. I mention this because frankly, one of Plum’s prime selling points is that it allows drinkers the chance to savour a bottle throughout the week, and thereby rewards responsible drinking.

Plum is perhaps the most sophisticated of household appliances ever made. It’s the first product in the world to fully automate the process of chilling and serving wine right in the comfort of your own home, and it does so through a compound process of mechanical trickery: a “double-cored motorized injection needle” punctures the cork or screw cap, allowing the needle to depressurize the bottle’s insides with an infusion of argon gas from a replaceable canister.

“Plum is perhaps the most sophisticated of household appliances ever made.”

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That, in turn, forces the wine through a series of stainless-steel tubing, ultimately ending up in your wine glass. It fits any standard wine bottle and even uses integrated cameras to instantly identify your bottle of wine. Its two cooling chambers adjust and set the ideal temperature for each varietal; so you can simultaneously keep a Chardonnay at 48°  and a Cabernet at 66°. Phew!

The Bottom Liner: At £1200, this dispenser costs the same as 240 bottles of your average supermarket tipple. It may be tricky for some to make the “responsible” investment.

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