This App Lets You Practice For The Polling Booth

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This political year has thrown everything at us, from Labour infighting and Tory text betrayals to the brilliant Thames clash of Farage and Geldof’s respective armadas (yes, that happened). June saw Britain’s historic decision to exit the European Union and Donald Trump has just been announced the 45th President of the United States (if that’s news to you, congratulations on a monumental feat of hermitage).

This article is for all of the morning-after vote regretters. “Urm, I think I kind of regret my vote. I had no real reason to pick what I did!” tweeted one ‘Bregretter’ in late June. We’re not quite sure how exactly one votes at odds with their point of view, but with #Trumpgret now trending on Twitter, we feel obliged to do all we can to make future polling processes as foolproof as possible – especially in light of recent reports that the UK may soon be heading towards another election.

“First Bregret. Now Trumpgret. Practice voting with Minipoll to ensure you vote for what you want.”

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MiniPoll is an iMessage app which lets you poll your iMessage contacts. Why not use it on your friends to give them some poll-booth practice? Alternatively, you could just use MiniPoll for its intended purpose: to help with scheduling, decision making, and feedback. Minipoll is fast and easy to use and it cuts down on an excess of texts when you’re arranging a get-together or making collaborative decisions. Once you and your pals have downloaded the app (a minor inconvenience which is worth the time in the long run) you can set each other multiple choice questions with the option for private polls so only you can see the answers. Your first three polls are free, and the voting part is always free (it’s the free world after all.)

The Bottom Line: First Bregret. Now Trumpgret. Practice voting with Minipoll to ensure you vote for what you want. Practice makes perfect.

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