The New Selfie Stick Is Here. And It Flies.

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Love them or (more likely) loathe them, you’re always within a few metres of a selfie stick in London. Not only were they the most popular Christmas gift a couple of years ago, but their ubiquity in the capital’s tourist hotspots has led to a number of bans. (NB: This website lets you know precisely where you’re allowed to wield your selfie-stick and where they’re prohibited.)

But a new selfie drone has hit the market and it’s making the selfie stick look a little clunky. At £440, the Hover Camera Passport is no mere stocking filler like its stick-based counterpart, but then again a selfie stick can’t do this:

The Hover Camera Passport shoots 4k video with its 13MP camera and its WiFi connectivity stretches to 60 feet. With this relatively short range, it’s best thought of more as a moving tripod than a roaming aerial camera. By encasing the propellers behind a plastic grate, Hover have also removed the very real chance of significant injury from drone photography. But whilst the Camera Passport lacks the thrill of being able to launch your drone mile-high in seconds, its size (literally) opens other doors, by making it far more agile indoors than your average flyer. You wouldn’t want to fly an actual drone around the house, but with sonar sensors to stop it flying into the walls, this one will happily follow you around from room to room.

“A selfie drone has hit the market and it’s making the selfie stick look a little clunky.”

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The Bottom Line: The Hover Camera Passport is a little steep to be this year’s Christmas hit, but it fills a market vacancy between gimmicky indoor flyers and £1000+ drones, so don’t be surprised to see a few hovering around soon.

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