Tinder Swipes Right On Spotify

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ATTENTION DATERS: Have you ever had a romantic evening spoilt by your date’s decision to put on their favourite music? Listen up, because the Spotify-Tinder team up – ‘Spotinder’ as we like to call it – is a real volume cranker.

Tinder and Spotify have joined together to make it a little easier to find love. The dating app that’s got everyone swiping has taken a fancy to Apple Music’s rival. And with 150 million global users combined, it looks like these two online giants have tapped into the next level of dating.

“Get swiping people, you might not be the only Honey G fan out there after all…”

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Common interests such as food, sports, movies and travel destinations have long been considered by users evaluating potential mates on Tinder – but now you can also be matched based on what music you listen to. Users can now display and listen to their top artists from Spotify and swipe to see who shares their taste in music. The update allows Tinder users to broadcast their own personal ‘Anthem’ straight from their profile allowing users with or without a Spotify account, to preview that song. Sean Rad, the CEO of Tinder describes your anthem as the “one single track that tells your story…that one song you can’t get out of your head. Where the lyrics of your life meet the rhythm of your soul.” Get swiping people, you might not be the only Honey G fan out there after all… (You probably are though).

The Bottom Line:  Now that love’s at stake, we implore you to tidy up your library. Which means deleting your Jedward playlists. Now.

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