Trick Or Treat… Or Rent?

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Halloween has been and gone – the scary clowns, the awful nurse costumes and an excuse to eat as much chocolate as you like – love it or hate it, you just can’t hide from it – especially if you live in London.

This week, we caught up with Tilly Binns – a Sales Executive living in Brixton – who used Fat Lama to help her throw a Halloween party at her flat this weekend (complete with tunes, drinks, snacks, late night horror movies and some pretty terrifying costumes). Planning a party had seemed like a fun and exciting idea but there was one problem: price and accessibility. Okay, two problems…

Read a transcript of our chat with Tilly below (and check out the amazing photos she kindly sent us):

Fat Lama: So Tilly, how did you go about planning for your party?

Tilly: Well I didn’t really have a set plan so to speak, I kind of just winged it. Well at least originally. I’m not the most organised person so I like to leave things to the last minute. I didn’t really think how I was going to get most of the stuff, my sister normally sorts that out. But it got to a stage a few days before the party and nothing had really been done so I had to do something.

Here's Tilly enjoying some spooky audiovisuals... Here’s Tilly enjoying some spooky audiovisuals…

Fat Lama: So where did you look for the things you needed?

Tilly:  You know the usual – Amazon, eBay, Tesco. Nothing really of any help, all too expensive and pretty rubbish quality.

Fat Lama: Really? What kind of budget were you on?

Tilly: Well, just a reasonable one. Like, I would buy things if i thought they were value for money…but I didn’t realise how expensive this stuff is. The cheapest speakers I could find that weren’t a piece of crap were £80, cheapest fairy lights were £10 each and I really wanted to project a scary film on the wall, but turns out projectors cost over £200. Just shows you how much schools spend on this kinda stuff. Oh and the costume I wanted was another £30. So it was already looking like over £300 before getting food or drinks or anything. I didn’t want to spend much on fairy lights because I know my parents have some they’ll give me at some point, and I probably wouldn’t even use the projector again and reselling it would be too much hassle.

Fat Lama: Yeah I know, I had the same problem for a get-together a couple of months ago. Nightmare. Had you ever thought about renting stuff out?

Tilly: Well, funny story actually. No I hadn’t, is the short answer. But I was on the phone with my dad asking about his holiday and I did mentioned the mini-crisis I was having and it was actually him who suggested renting things. He sort of said “you must be able to rent these things somewhere just for one night”. So I googled it and found Fat Lama.

Fat Lama: Haha, Dad knows best! That’s so cool, did Fat Lama cover everything you were looking for? How did you find it?

Tilly: Umm no I couldn’t find the costume I wanted nearby, but I decided to just make one instead in the end. But everything else I managed to find and go pick up all in one go. It’s quite a new site, right? But there was already lots of items up and it was way cheaper than normal electronics hire websites I was also looking at. Last time I threw a party I only had enough money to buy a silly little speaker, and you couldn’t really hear it all night. This time, I ended up renting this awesome cone shaped speaker for £20, I found a projector for £13 (for the day) and it looked sick! Oh and I found a lady two streets away that let me borrow 3 strings of fairy lights for a fiver. So in the end all I had to actually buy were cobwebs and plastic cups.

Fat Lama: That sounds great, what film did you end up watching?

Tilly: Conjuring 2. Never again…I haven’t been able to sleep since.

Fat Lama: I’ll stay away from it then. Was everything okay with the handover?

Tilly: No problem – I’m used to using gumtree so it’s all pretty familiar. Arrange a meeting point and hand over the stuff. Luckily for me they all pretty close to where I live.

Fat Lama: Great! Tilly, thanks a lot for your time today, anything to finish on?

Tilly: No, thank you. Fat Lama seemed like a great platform, the website was pretty easy to use, nothing too complicated – I’d recommend it.

Fat Lama: Awesome, thanks Tilly!

Tilly used Fat Lama to rent this soundsystem and projector. Tilly used Fat Lama to rent this soundsystem and projector.

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