Getting Inked? Do It Right With Augmented Reality.

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Should you have kids? How about a career change? And where exactly should you live? Decisions-for-life ought to be as well informed as they can be. It follows that if you’re going to mark yourself with indelible ink, you’d best start by making sure you nail the design. An augmented-reality app called inkHunter offers a selection of designs by different tattoo artists and lets you try each one out virtually via augmented reality.

The app begins by asking you to put a little ink on your skin – a simple emoji – in the area you’re trialling. It uses this to calibrate before overlaying pixels on your flesh as you desire. Not only can you sketch and project your own designs, you can apply filters too – notably, these include a ‘blur’ effect in order to picture how it’ll look in a few decades time. [The Bottom Liner suggests that inkHunter develop a wrinkle-predicting filter for comprehensive future-proofing.]

inkHunter gained the approval of the Fat Lama testing lab. inkHunter gained the approval of the Fat Lama testing lab.

InkHunter are currently linking up with six tattoo artists to connect them with their users. “In doing so,” they say, “our app will become a funnel which starts with people who are just thinking about tattoo and ends with those, who are confident in the tattoo they want and artists who can get it done.”

The Bottom Line: InkHunter harnesses sophisticated tech to safeguard against misguided tats. No doubt the owner of this one would wholeheartedly endorse the concept.

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