The Wheel Reinvented (No, Really)

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Any city cyclist will attest that the commute begins to sting that bit more as the days begin to get shorter and colder. So what better way to soothe your winter woes, than to let the power of electric help you on your way to work? Electric bikes, however, are rarely the cheapest proposition, nor the sleekest looking. GeoOrbital have produced a solution that turns any bike – mountain, road or racer – into a power-assisted steed.

Rather than embedding a battery and motor into a bike, the GeoOrbital wheel can be fitted to nearly any bike in seconds; just snap off your front wheel and replace. The GeoOrbital contains three small wheels which, powered by a 500w motor, turn against the inside of the rim and propel the rider forward at up to 20 MPH. Incidentally, 20 miles is also the distance the bike travels on battery alone.

The ‘tyre’ itself is in fact made of foam, which means no more flat tires. (That’s right: no more greasy-fingered flailing with inner tubes on the hard shoulder.) To operate, riders switch a throttle lever, which itself attaches simply to the handlebar; it includes a power button and a little string of lights that indicates the remaining battery

For the cyclist that has customised and tinkered to high heaven to create the perfect bicycle, the GeoOrbital wheel allows all the benefits of electric without them having to discard their passion project.

The Bottom Line: This wheel is well worthy of GeoOrbital’s years of research and design. Back the project today or buy your own for around £650.

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