Someone Made A Real Life Space Invaders With Actual Drones And Lasers

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Virtual Reality increasingly sweeps the tech headlines as it shapes the future of gaming. But some aren’t satisfied with donning the goggles for a ‘like-real’ experience and are going above and beyond to create ‘actually-real’ experiences. In June, a Uruguayan team of Pong-fanatics made a fully functioning table-top version of the iconic arcade game, Pong. The Pong Project made news and left legions of gamers salivating at the prospect of the coffee table of their dreams.

Not to be outdone, Geekcon Israel, a team of entrepreneurs, makers, coders and designers combined to create a real-life version of Space Invaders. For the ‘alien invaders’, they equipped drones with light sensors and LED strips and arranged them in game formation by using a specially developed autonomous flight software. Replicating the laser cannon was an equally ingenious feat of engineering; the player sits on a ‘laser gunner station’ which moves across rails and shoots actual lasers. For some more photos of their creation, head to Design Boom.

The Bottom Line: The latest milestone in Actual-Reality Gaming is a sight to behold. Kudos to all involved at Geekcon Israel.

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