Never Stand In A Queue Again

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English people think they know how to queue. George Orwell even wrote about it. But there are new queuers on the block and they’ve got moving chairs. Yep.

Nissan are harnessing innovations in intelligent mobility to make waiting for stuff that bit easier. Their ProPilot chair (which uses Nissan’s autonomous driving technology) actually negotiates lines of people on behalf of its users, sparing them the god-awful pain of shuffling slowly along in a standing position which nobody should have to endure in 2016. The chairs detect and follow the chair in front of it all the way to the front of the queue; when someone arrives at the front and dismounts, a weight sensor tells the chair it’s job is done and it auto-trots off to rejoin the end of the line. Ultimately useful, even if it does look like the worst theme park ride ever.

These chairs are of course doing a wonderful job of promoting Nissan’s self-driving technology, but they also have their own merit. They’ll be featured at a handful of restaurants in 2017 and surely have the scope to change the modern face of queueing. Wimbledon will never be the same again. Theme parks might become just about bearable. And they’d make for quite an entrance to a nightclub.

The Bottom Line: It’s not Nissan’s sleekest design work, but these self-driving chairs will soon have restaurants, museums and Apple stores queuing up to buy them.

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