Track Your Time With The Roll Of A Dice

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If time-tracking takes half an hour out of your day then it’s slightly self-defeating isn’t it? ZEIº promises to do the job in just a minute a day, whilst integrating with time-tracking software like Toggl, Harvest, and Basecamp. It’s an attractive polygon device which connects wirelessly to software; just assign a project to each face of the device, position it with the corresponding ‘project’ face up and it’ll start the clock.

Want to know exactly how long you’re spending ‘networking’ at the cafe down the road? Want to limit the time you spend scouring your inbox? ZEIº pins times to the minute, and if you forget to track as you finish a task, fear not: you can use the mobile apps to stop and also edit tasks on the go. The product is exactly what you’d expect to be built by “4 productivity and efficiency geeks who don’t like to waste time,” which is how the ZEIº team self-identify. What they’ve come up with is treasure for the time-conscious.

The Bottom Line: Somehow ZEIº have come up with a fun way to track your time; roll the dice today and watch your productivity increase.

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