Snap Just Released Sunglasses Which Record Life As You See It

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Unperturbed by the grand failure of Google Glass, Snap (yep, the brand formerly known as Snapchat) have entered the world of hardware with a pair of video-grabbing sunnies. Spectacles, which will set you back £100 a pop, have a built-in video camera which will record your ten-second videos at the tap of a button, before sending them wirelessly to the Snapchat account of the wearer.

The Spectacles, which will cost £100, come with a built-in video camera that records footage in a ‘circular format’, which according to the Snap blog means videos will “play full screen on any device, in any orientation” and they’ll also “capture the human perspective with a 115-degree field of view.”

Check out the video below to see how the Spectacles will automatically make you a popular and accomplished skateboarder:

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel has been defensive about the scope of their hardware aspirations, explaining that the Spectacles are primarily a “toy,” and a “fun” way to stop the social network’s 150 million users from holding their phones “like a wall in front of your face”. If this is an attempt to avoid similar criticism to Google Glass, then it’s not the only lesson learnt from their failure: in order to avoid criticism over Spectacles recording people without them being informed, a light on the glasses turns on when they are recording.

The Bottom Line: Spectacles combine fun with impressive tech, but so long as the design remains the same, they likely to stay firmly within gimmick territory.

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