Settle iMessage Disputes With Rock Paper Scissors

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Settling disputes over text can be exhausting. Locking digital horns with your partner, pals or parents can allow arguments to fester and distort, and tire you out in the process. But a new iMessage app lets you nip arguments in the bud with that good old evergreen: Rock Paper Scissors. Perhaps you and your housemates need to resolve who has TV curation rights later tonight: Rock Paper Scissors is the civil way of deciding between Great British Bakeoff and Twin Peaks. Maybe you and your partner need to settle on who’s driving to the party? Save yourself the argument. Download the app for just $0.99 and get playing.

For those seeking an even more automated dispute resolution system, there’s This website offers a randomised Yes or No verdict, backed by humorous GIFs. Believe me, nothing cuts through argument tensions like a slow-nodding Snoop Dogg, Kanye or Kermit. Not just a yes/no decision? Input multiple choices to this Random Decision Maker and it will select the answer for you; why not enter all your housemates names and let it choose who’s doing the washing up?

The Bottom Line: Forego petty negotiations and let Rock Paper Scissors settle any dispute.

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