The Phonetography Hack That Lets You Enjoy The Moment

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Long before Apple ran the ‘Shot On iPhone 6’ ad campaigns, it was clear that photo and video capabilities were integral to the smartphone’s appeal. Phonetography is now the way we document life’s most precious moments, from the sublime to the really really cute. And yet, it can be a disruptive move to start wielding your phone around, particularly in situations that require a little more subtlety or at times when your hands are otherwise engaged…

The Prismo is a small lens which lets your camera record at 90° to the lens of the front-facing camera. It attaches to your camera by what’s basically a fat rubber band, allowing you to record handsfree. With Prismo, the smartphone photographer is a little more inconspicuous and also has increased creative scope with access to more angles. Leave your phone flat on a table to record a meeting or talk – or, of course, to discreetly film your drunk housemate singing Shania Twain. Alternatively, use a handlebar attachment to video your cycle-ride, or position your phone on your car dashboard to record a spectacular journey. Pledge £20 on Kickstarter today for your own Prismo.

The Bottom Line: Prismo’s simple design lets you document special moments whilst staying ‘in the moment’

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