This Smart Helmet Protects Your Head In More Ways Than One

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Now that bicycle bells and navigation systems are getting tech-savvy, one would expect cycle-wear to follow. Well, Brooklyness’ new helmet, the Classon, packs some innovative punch with a plethora of safety-enhancing features, and it promises to stem the flow of cycle-related safety incidents. The Classon harnesses embedded video cameras to alert riders when a car is driving in their blindspot. Non-disruptive lights under the visor blink when a car is located, allowing the cyclist to take necessary precautions. The Classon also reads arm signals and detects slowing down, converting them respectively into amber-flashing indicator lights (right and left) and a red brake light on the helmet itself. The final innovation is the simplest, but perhaps the most enduring: a hole in either side of the helmet, which allows it to be secured safely by a bike lock.

All of these features (plus ride-recording on the cameras) clock in at £115 per helmet. Brooklyness have harnessed the growing enthusiasm for cycle-tech, raising 500% of their Kickstarter goal. Head here to pre-order your own…

The Bottom Line: The Classon protects your head in more ways than one and doesn’t compromise on aesthetics.

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