Modsy’s Augmented Reality Lets You Visualise Furniture In Your Home

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We’ve been there before. Weeks of Pinterest and interior design research culminate in the order of a bedside unit that dwarfs your actual bed, clashes with the tone of your existing furniture and totally offsets your feng shui. But a new startup called Modsy uses augmented reality to allow you to accurately visualise furniture in your space. Modsy position themselves “at the intersection of design, art and technology, combining together advanced 3D graphics, computer vision and creative curation.”

How does it work? By taking a short Style Quiz and telling Modsy about your project, they create a style profile for you. Next comes the fun part: you upload a few pictures of your space (clutter and all) and Modsy returns a blank 3D map of the room to scale. Finally, their designers send over a handful of customisable designs; redesign, tweak and order until you’re happy, and Modsy will link you to the order pages of your chosen pieces. Packages range from $99 all the way up to nearly $2000, so whilst it’s a fun and easy interiors solution, it’s far from cheap. (NB: for $20 off your first order, quote MODSYINSIDER).

The Bottom Line: Wave goodbye to interior design fails with fun and foolproof 3D space-mapping.

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