Now It’s Easy To Brew Beer At Home. Hoppy days.

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A while back we wrote about Alchema, the app-led cider microbrewery for your kitchen counter. In the interests of beard-scratching craft-heads out there, we’re now giving you the lowdown on the beer-quivalent product. Many optimistic boozers have embarked on home-brewing campaigns in the past only to run swiftly into difficulties. But a new home-brewery called Brewie is here to automate the process for you and ensure you’re not left feeling bitter.

Brewie distills the crafting process down to a few foolproof steps. Using either the small LCD touchscreen or its companion app, you first select a beer recipe from the company’s database and then either self-source the ingredients or order from Brewie themselves. Next put the malt into the mashing tank and the hops into the four dedicated compartments, connect the unit to your home water supply, scan the recipe card using the machine’s built-in scanner, and let the crafting begin. Your brew should be ready for fermentation in 5 to 6 hours.

The Bottom Line: Brewie is straight to the pint with it’s faff-free approach to beer-making. If you’ve got £1500 handy then waste no more time in placing your order.

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