TrackR Wants You To Never Lose Your Stuff Again

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Phone manufacturers have long been savvy to the fact that people lose their stuff want ways to be able to find them. Manufacturers of non-electronic goods, however, have been slower to adopt to this consumer sentiment. This is why it is about time we got TrackR, the California based internet of things (IoT) startup that is specialised in helping you track any and all of your items with your smartphone.

TrackR’s solution to finding your lost items is pretty much what you would hope from an IoT company: you attach a small piece of technology to your item that allows you to trace it on your smartphone app. Simple. The beauty in their line of products, however, is that they come in variations that allow you to track pretty much anything you can imagine from your supposedly stolen bicycle to your run-away pet. The key ring clip-on and wallet friendly slab are pretty standard tracking solutions, but what is really cool about TrackR’s product line is the sticker version that you can attach to virtually anything with a smooth surface. On top of that, there is a cool function when you lose a “tracked” item, it automatically draws locations from other smartphones with the Trackr app and notifies you when that smartphone is nearby your lost item. Thereby giving you the approximate location of your item. It’s like a crowd-sourcing your hunt for your lost keys with minimum effort and participation – everyone wins!

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