3D Printed Cameras Take A Leap Forward

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New and exciting 3D printed objects tend to conjure wild expectations about the possibilities of the technology. The final product, however, often falls short of expectations. Designer Amos Dudley, on the other hand, has knocked it out of the park with his fully 3D printed camera.

It is by no means the first 3D printed camera. However, it goes much beyond its “inferior” predecessors by boasting an actually 3D printed lens. This is, as far as we know, the first of its kind and an impressive feat to pull off in every way

The only downside is that for those accustomed to the 4K cameras on their smartphones may not get their kicks from the picture quality as its stands. On the other hand, the odd underwater Polaroid type vibe definitely has its own novel appeal and even adds to the quirkiness of the camera. Moreover, we can reasonably expect the quality to improve drastically with time. In the meanwhile, enjoy the 3D printed camera photo gallery compiled by the creator himself .

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