Skilled Phonetographer? Send Postcards From Your Phone

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Nothing ruins a holiday like postcards. When you should be sipping Daiquiris and devouring chick-lit by the waterfront, finding a pen, postcard, stamp and post office is less than desirable, not to mention shortlisting your recipient list, gathering postal addresses and actually writing the things. Time off is precious and costly, so if you’re thoughtful enough to entertain this analogue remnant of holiday etiquette, Fat Lama recommends streamlining the process. And as it turns out, we know just the thing.

The Simple Postcard (TSP) translates your steady traffic of holiday phone-tography from WhatsApp or iMessage to a format that’s twice as memorable but no more time-intensive. There’s no app to download, no website to visit – you simply text the image to the Simple Postcard number and it asks you where and to whom you want to send it. Next, you write your message and as the remote printing process begins, you get directed to a secure payment site where you can deposit your $2 (which brings us to the bad news: us Europeans aren’t currently catered for by TSP, though it is apparently on the agenda).

TSP harnesses the work of three familiar Silicon Valley startups: Twilio, for cloud communication; Lob, for the printing; and Stripe, for secure payments. Jason Strauss, the coding-brain behind TSP, recently told Twilio that he had “received really nice feedback from mothers and girlfriends, like ‘literally made my whole day,’ which I rarely hear about my code.”

The Bottom Line: The Simple Postcard signals an end to the chintzy aesthetics of tourist greeting card racks and their tired seaside-oriented humour. Here’s hoping it makes it across the pond for summer 2017.

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