Streaks: Sleek, Simple Habit-Forming

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We often go to unhealthy lengths to form healthy habits and recent tech solutions in behaviour-building have unapologetically appealed to the sadomasochists amongst us. Take Pavlok, for example: a wristband which inflicts an electric shock of up to up to 340 volts if a desired routine is not being upheld. That’s sufficient voltage – according to Pavlok’s Head of Marketing – to cause a user to spill their coffee. Not into that kind of thing? Nor us… The good news is that self-torturing hardware is not the only answer.

Streaks is a user-friendly app which holds you accountable to your habits without you having to go all-out Clockwork Orange. The app’s simple aesthetic won it an Apple Design Award earlier this year, and it is consistently reeling in 5-star reviews on the App Store. So how does it work? To start with, you choose the tasks that you want to make a daily habit. Rather than promising the world, Streaks limits the amount of tasks to six at a time, whether that’s watering the plants, flossing, eating apples or learning Mandarin. Through a combination of reminders and easy-to-read tracking, it keeps your streak alive. You’ll be a changed person in no time. Streaks also links up to the iOS Health App to do some precise body-tracking for you; it knows if you’ve achieved your daily steps goal and can even measure your heart rate and blood pressure.

Disclaimer. Streaks isn’t going to make your morning runs any more pleasurable. Nor will it instantly cure the temptation to bite your nails. However, accountability is the first step towards transformation and this app makes you answerable to yourself on a daily basis.

The Bottom Line: According to research it takes 66 days to make or break a habit. There’s only one way to find out if that’s true: download Streaks today.

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