Write Better Emails With Artificial Intelligence

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It’s not long until the robots take over and end it all. But for the time being they’re totally up for helping you write better emails. Respondable, a new plug-in from Boomerang, uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse your email and advise you how to make it more readable and effective. Whether you’re contacting an intimidating manager or calling in a favour from an austere family relative, you want your emails to land. Boomerang have also suggested that it could help users secure romantic connections, but someone should probably tell them that email-dating isn’t really a thing these days. Seriously, where were they when Tinder happened?

Here’s how it works… Whilst you write, your on-screen editor reads away and provides an AI-opinion of your writing in a simple side-bar. It measures and rates your title length, word count and question count and advises you on your ‘reading level’ (encouraging you to write less like a literature graduate and more like an actual person). You can pay a little extra to have Respondable score your emails on positivity, politeness, and subjectivity too. By using deep learning, Respondable is able to measure precisely how actionable your email is and just how likely you are to get a response. The cool part? They actually trained their algorithms on public movie reviews to get an objective grasp of how positive and negative language is used.

Boomerang previously brought us mailers a plug-in that makes emails disappear for a day or two until you have the time to deal with it. They then started trying to harness machine learning to produce actionable writing and launched Respondable last week. As Aye Moah (Chief of Product at Baydin) explains: “Historically, authors of writing style guides have not had access to large samples of data about what kind of writing is effective…Second, a lot of recent news coverage about artificial intelligence has focused on the possibilities that machines can someday replace humans. Respondable doesn’t try to write important emails on your behalf. Instead, it helps you unlock your creativity. It’s an editor that works alongside you – and one that you can and should ignore when your judgment says otherwise.”

The Bottom Line: If you can afford to hire a real-life editor to proof-read, edit and regulate your email outbox, fair play. For the rest of us, Respondable will more than suffice.

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