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NB: This article was penned in the twilight hours of Friday evening, fuelled by coffee, a Cadbury Twirl and itself.

Each week, the App Store is inundated with products that will increase focus, unlearn your Facebook dependency or keep your phone in your pocket. One of our personal favourites is Forest, which prevents  by leveraging the formidable threat that a tree will be killed if you divert from its app; successfully steer clear of your device and within thirty minutes, a tree will grow. Besides preventing deforestation, ambience is vital for a focused mind, so you will need to nail a soundtrack that best facilitates concentration. Again, the market is crowded here; Focus@Will and GetWorkDoneMusic offer attention-boosting sounds, but neither offers a purely original Artificially Intelligent soundscape quite like

For a subscription fee, offers soundscapes which are intelligently tailored to your activity, whether you’re focusing, relaxing or sleeping. The team are thinking big about the scientific scope of their product. Their mission statement refers to sound as the future of medicine and therapy and a force to maximise performance in business; they also publish all of their session-analyses. And they’re kind enough to be offering users 7 free sessions.

Aaron from gave The Bottom Liner a lowdown on how exactly the AI works: “For every song, a ‘song-bot’ is created that handles the genre specifications and coordinates the entire piece of music, kind of like a conductor. From there, hundreds or thousands of smaller ‘note-bots’ are created to handle every instrument, and in many cases every note or beat.” These note-bots, Aaron explains, are “tiny brains in themselves” and all have different purposes, to the extent that they actually compete with each other; some override others, depending on the song-bot’s instruction. “When you listen to a track you can tell things are fading in and out, that’s because they have a lifespan and are also competing against each other.” As far as we can tell, basically stages an orchestra of mortal robots in your browser who fight for creative control of the composition. That might sound pretty terrifying, but the alternatives can fast become grating.

The Bottom Line: We’re pretty sure this is the closest we’ll ever get to commissioning an orchestra of robots. Listen to your first session free today.

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