Nattr: The App For Tongue-Tied Lovers

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In the Tinder era, a perfect one-liner can be the difference between a meal-for-one and a menage-a-trois. So you got a match? Well done – now’s when the hard work begins… Moving things from the phone-screen to the restaurant requires wit, craft and a little bit of je ne sais quoi. Writers block is therefore not an option. Little wonder then, that many are turning to Nattr, a digital refuge for the speechless. Users download the app and post a screenshot of a conversation with a potential suitor alongside some context or a brief mission statement. Fellow users respond in turn by doing their utmost to summon the perfect comeback or punchline, leaving the would-be lover with an arsenal of witticisms to deploy at will.

As Inverse have noted, the app is at times a breeding ground for lazy stereotyping and seems to be something of a magnet for trolls. But if you’re willing to wade through the detritus then there are more than enough quips, puns and comic nuggets to keep you entertained through your lunch break. At the other end of the scale, Nattr also seems to have evolved into a kind of relationship advice channel. We observed a number of occasions where genuine queries were met with heartfelt advice. Whether or not the world needed another agony aunt is not for us to say, but it’s touching nonetheless.

One of the most promising features of Nattr’s service is that it promises a “team of handpicked writers and comedians” who, for a small price, will do what they do best to give your romance its greatest chance. There’s no such thing as lucky in love – results rest on making the perfect first impression – Nattr lets users share the burden of that task.

The Bottom Line: Now that we can crowdsource WiFi and weather forecasts, we ought to be able to delegate our romantic responsibilities too. Nattr might just help you out in your hour of need, so download it today.

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