Teasmades Are Hipster Now

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For the uninitiated, a teasmade is a bedside device that wakes you up with a hot cup of tea. Early designs were floating around in the Victorian era, but they reached peak popularity in the 1960s and 70s, benefitting from the era’s notorious reverence for all things kitsch. The Brit-designed kettle-come-alarm-clock then fell from fashion in the following decades, and its attempted renaissance a few years ago was short-lived. These days, teasmades are more likely to be found in nostalgic gallery spaces than at the bedsides of actual living people. But thanks to the Barisieur, this could all be set to change. Designer Joshua Renouf’s sleek redesign packs the modern appeal that it’s retro predecessors lack, planting itself firmly within hip coffee culture. Just look at those angles…

Renouf explains that his “designer coffee and tea alarm clock” wakes sleepers “with the sound of bubbling water and the smell of freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea.” What more could a lama ask for? Its induction hob heats your water to precisely 94 degrees for the perfect bedside pour over. Its reusable steel mesh strainer means there’s here’s no need for filter papers. If necking a sharp black coffee at dawn is likely to give you the caffeine shakes all the way to work, then the Barisieur offers convenient chilled storage for a nano-carafe of milk. (Sadly, you will have to pour this in yourself…) The Barisieur also roots itself firmly in the smartphone age by the (perhaps inevitable) inclusion of a device-charging USB port.

At £225 a pop, it’s not the cheapest wake-up call, but the Barisieur’s timeless aesthetic makes it a reasonable investment in the long term. Back the design team at Indiegogo and your new bedside friend could be with you come June 2017.

The Bottom Line: If the Barisieur’s sleek geometry hasn’t got you salivating, it’s coffee surely will.

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