Coffee + Breakfast = Coffiest?

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Two years ago in LA, a 24-year-old engine named Rob Rhinehart emerged with a solution to the breakfast-skipping habit that he and his colleagues were guilty of: Soylent. It was the result of Rhinehart’s self-taught physiological chemistry, and it promised to replace meals by offering consumers everything they need for sustenance in a single bottle. It was also fittingly named after Soylent Green, the 1973 sci-fi thriller starring Charlie Heston (Remember that one? No, nor do we.)  Anyway, Rhinehart swiftly met his crowdfunding target before Andreessen Horowitz invested early in 2015.

But one problem remained. Soylent-drinkers were left wanting when it came to the most crucial morning ingredient: caffeine. And God forbid that 2016’s work-wired millennials should be asked to make time for a bottle of Soylent AND a cup of coffee. This week, Rhinehart’s team announced Coffiest: a regular Soylent bottle with the added magic of a 150g shot of caffeine, coffee flavouring and 75mg of the nootropic ‘L-theanine’. Its matt black and white aesthetic will surely have the Silicon trendies on board, and they’ve made further waves with this bombastic introductory advert:

The jury is out on the matter of taste – ‘pancake batter’ being among the kinder flavour-references – but what Rhinehart is keen to commend, are the drink’s health benefits. He told the FT earlier this year that the Soylent team had “run a clinical trial, the results of which will be released later this year.” Rhinehart anticipated that the trial’s findings would, at least, be “definitely not terrible”.

For $37.05 (currently £28) you can order a monthly delivery of 12 bottles of Coffiest – that’s a per-‘meal’ cost of about $3. Or if the idea of chugging a bottle of beige goop at dawn doesn’t float your boat, then you may wish to wait for the Soylent Bar, which launches later this year at an anticipated cost of about $2 per bar.

The Bottom Line:    If you’re willing to put your gut to the test – please refer to Ars Technica’s Soylent bowel diary – then Coffiest offers 400 calories of plant-based nutrition and a little taste of the future.

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