This Foodie App Is Too Good Not To Get…

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This is the kind of stuff that gets us lamas out of bed in the morning! An app that turns restaurants’ excess food into extra cash, gives users meals for half the regular price and reduces food waste in the process. Too Good To Go lets you buy unsold food that would otherwise end up binned by restaurants. Following broadly in the footsteps of food-waste pioneers Olio and FoodCycle, they promise unbeatable prices for unbeatable food.

Being the lovely people that they are, the TGTG crew are even reinvesting their cut from each sale back into the project. Their goal? To tackle the UK’s food waste problem. We dispose of an estimated 15 million tonnes of produce annually. That’s more than enough to feed every lama mouth. But the good news is that 95 restaurants are on board in London already, and there are thriving hubs in Brighton, Leeds and Manchester too. They’re hard at it across the pond too. As of this month, Too Good To Go has foundations in six different countries. In just six months they calculate that they’ve helped prevent over 200 tonnes of CO2 emissions and provided thousands of great-value meals that were otherwise bin-bound.

Once you’ve registered for free, you can scan your locality for nearby restaurants, cafes and bakeries that need to get their food shifted. Next, head to the restaurant within the agreed time slot, show your order confirmation and tuck in. Saving the planet never tasted so good.

The Bottom Line: An inspired solution to our food waste problem that benefits small businesses, customers and the environment. Download the app for free to see what’s going begging near you.