Proper Cold Brew Coffee In Under 10 Minutes? Cool Beans…

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FL is two coffees down at the time of writing and getting ready to complete the caffeine hat-trick. Morning, noon and (yes) night, it’s coffee that keeps the cogs whirring at our Old Street base. When you drink as much coffee as this, you need a bit of a change from time to time, and in the summer heat, that means one thing only: cold-brew iced coffee. Except, busy as we are providing you with the bottom line in the latest tech, we don’t always have the time to deal with 24-hour infusion times. And with the cost of city living as high as it is, us London lamas can’t be expected to fork out for your daily iced fix at Starbucks (NB: other, more ethical coffee chains are also available…)

With that in mind, we are wired with excitement about Prisma, a new cold-brew coffee machine that uses vacuum infusion to produce a whole pot of the good stuff in eight minutes flat! Designed by GE Appliances’ FirstBuild, the Prisma extracts all the flavour from your beans without the need for heat, and makes five 150ml cups in one go. At $229, it’s a significant investment. But it would mean never again getting caught short for an ice brew – and not having to settle for one pot a day. Amen to that.

With any new technology, FL always adopts a healthy level of scrutiny, so we wanted to know for sure that by foregoing traditional brewing methods, Prisma didn’t compromise on either flavour or caffeine-kick. Luckily, FirstBuild’s own Taylor Dawson told the folks at Techhive that their design had been laid bare to tasting panels and even subjected to caffeine extraction tests. The result? Good news for coffee-lovers – Prisma produces a cup of joe to rival any other in flavour and stimulant-strength. After all, what use is an eight-minute brew time if it tastes like instant decaf?

The Bottom Line: An ingenious design that will bring cold-brewing up to speed at last.  Prisma plan to start delivering by June 2017 – back them over at Indiegogo now to make sure you don’t go without next summer.

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