Replenish Is The Next Step In The Smoothie Revolution

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FL is on board with the smoothie craze and all the trends and gimmicks that go along with it. Still, hard-to-clean smoothie bottles rank as some the most annoying things to deal with in daily life. They’re right up there with writing a brilliant tweet only to find that it’s 141 characters and not having milk when you want cereal. Luckily, the good folks at Replenish have devised a solution to this ultimate first world problem that will make your life complete.

Replenish, a San Francisco based start-up previously known as LivBlends, has put together a beautifully designed, space-age smoothie machine that literally cleans itself after use. Just stick the pod that holds all the fruits and the greens in the machine and let it do all the work for you. And unlike a typical smoothie machine where you throw together your misguided selection of ingredients and mostly end up with disappointment, Replenish provides you with a variety of ready-made assortments that you can’t go wrong with. And if all that wasn’t enough, the pod that holds the ingredients, which also doubles as the drinking cup, is made of fully recyclable plastics, just to add that extra touch of self-righteousness to your already healthy meal choice.

The only downside to this wonderful machine is that it is currently only being handed out to a handful of companies for testing. Should the idea take off, though, we can probably expect Replenish to hit the store shelves sometime soon. The fun part? Replenish are giving out the machines to some companies for free and only charging for the pods. What great sports. If any of the guys from Replenish are reading this, FL would be more than happy to test out your machine for you in exchange for a favourable Amazon review.

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