Pokemon Go Tracking: Get Wise To Niantic’s Antics.

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This summer will forever be remembered as the time when it became socially acceptable to slip out of the house in the dead of night to wave your phone around your local churchyard, or take a rain check on your weekly team meeting to join a mass lure at your nearest tube stop. This is, of course, thanks to augmented reality phenomenon, Pokemon Go. Nearly all of us, FL included, owe thanks for the majority of our summer entertainment to its creators: the clever folks at San-Fran-based software group, Niantic.

However, the app update that they brought out last week, which did away with their original Pokemon-tracking method, was seen by many eager users of the game as an unprecedented disaster. The “three-footstep” tracking method which had allowed us to locate Pokemon and approximate relative distances was scrapped. Worse still, Niantic made it super tricky for third-party apps to fulfil the locating function themselves. Valiant attempts by Pokevision, PokeHound and Poke Radar were foiled, but one seems to have survived the cull (for now): Smart Poke V2. This app provides a smart solution to our map-tracking malaise, by displaying any nearby critters on a real-time map of your surrounding area. It also tells you how far away each Pokemon is, the time remaining to catch it, and how rare it is.

FL hopes this beacon of hope keeps burning long enough for us to catch ‘em all, but it seems like Niantic are pretty savvy to most third-party efforts, so FL advises immediate action. Download Smart Poke V2 to speed up your catch-rate and become the greatest master of them all. Then, and only then, will you be able to regain the time to enjoy all those things you used to do: like work, eat, socialise and sleep. In the meantime, FL implores all Poke-folk to stay calm and stay safe.