Alchema Brings Cider Microbrewing Right To Your Smartphone

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FL is strongly of the mind that running your own microbrewery is up there with the the most awesome professions on the planet. However, learning how to brew your own beverages can be overwhelmingly difficult for someone who can barely operate the office coffee machine. But thanks to the good folks at Alchema, making your own brew in the comfort of your home will soon be almost as easy as putting the kettle on.

The Alchema cider brewer has made the whole process almost fool-proof: you download the app, connect it to your brewer, search for whichever type of cider you want to brew, put in the ingredients which get measured by a built-in scale and let the thing brew for a few weeks or so. Naturally the app will also notify you when the brewing process is finished and your cider is ready to drink. The brewer even cleans itself with UV lights that kill all the bacteria every time you start a new programme before you put in the ingredients. Gone are the days when the ultimate test of the quality of your homemade brew was whether you still had eyesight after consuming it.

Currently crowd-funding through Kickstarter, Alchema is set to hit the shelves next July with first reservation units going with a $299 price tag. For the ultra-casual user, it might be a hefty price for a kitchen ornament that looks like a Steve Jobs version of those eggs from the Alien movies. For the most entrepreneurial microbrewer, however, the investment has the potential to pay itself back several-fold, given the current demand for unique craft ciders. We just ask that you don’t go full Walter White with it.