Use The Force. Charge Your Phone.

Have you always wished your device levitated whilst it charged? Lucky for you, FL has found just the thing.

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Humanity wields great wonders. Inventions whose implications outstrip the reach of our humble species. Take, if you will, the wheel, which facilitated the entire history of agriculture and commerce; or the compass, which brought about the Age of Discovery. Consider also how the telephone, lightbulb and contraceptive have in turn furthered the progress of our modern world. Well, FL has identified the next era-defining object: a charger which levitates your smartphone as it juices.

Ahem. Perhaps it’s socio-economic implications aren’t quite as far-reaching as the items above, but it is kind of mesmerising. The OvRcharge is a wireless charger that levitates your smartphone (or tablet!) using magnets – one of which you’ll need to attach to the back of your device. It’s not exactly wireless charging – it requires a special case to charge your phone – but you needn’t tell that to your mates when they’re staring speechless at this feat of dark magic. Oh, and the speed of charge is a fair bit slower than industry standard too. But did we mention that it actually levitates your phone?

OvRcharge are quoting a retail price of $177 over at Kickstarter, and it looks as though the finished product could set you back even more in store. At that price, it’s not likely to become a staple of the bedside table, but for those with cash to burn, and a proclivity for sci-fi novelty, it’s a must-have, so head on over and back OvRcharge today. They’re not the only ones trying to harness The Force for tech either – FL is a big fan of Lift’s spinning, gravity-bashing solution to Apple Watch charging. As one wise Master once predicted, ‘always in motion the future is’.