What Will Your Signature Emoji Be?

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Kimojis, Chymojis, MuvaMojis, Sheenoji, Wizmojis… The list is endless. Since Kim Kardashian launched her personalised emojis and made a stack of cash in 2015, all the celebs have jumped on the bandwagon.

But, with the launch of Bitmoji, you now don’t even need celeb status to create your own emoji. The app lets you design your own expressive, cartoon avatar, which eerily resembles your real flesh human face. You can even style your bitmoji in pieces from the wardrobes of Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen. Then, you get to choose from a range of different moods to assign to your virtual alter-ego. These emojis can then be used in chats to express personal emotions like ‘Disappointment’ and ‘Anger’, or even, as FL has keenly noted, ‘I’m really hungover’, or ‘TGIF’. Because who has time to articulate their emotions these days? A press of a button, and you’ve conveyed your sentiments – FL reckons this is a pretty effective (and entertaining) time saver. Plus, it makes us feel as important as Kim K feels (pretty damn important… )

Snapchat have paired up with Bitmoji so that now, your personalised emoji appears in the app ready to use. So, gone are the days of worrying about getting that perfect camera angle, or triple-checking that your choice of filter covers your massive under-eye bags. Just let your Bitmoji do the talking.

Keep your eyes peeled for FLs Bitmoji… (it’ll probably be hungover)